About us

Welcome to NSK Web TV a multi-platform Infotainment website. Our mission is to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make all available infotainment in Tamil and English under one platform like Informative, Entertainment, Astrology, Tech, Cooking, Health, and Beauty, etc.

Driving the group is NSK Web TV, who in a vocation spreading over more than 3 years in YouTube has worked intimately with innovation announcing for probably the most regarded marks in the social media area. NSK Web TV has been included with the site since its beginning, and in September 2018, did the unbelievable, by building the site.

With that boldness of conviction, the versatile and contraption Indian will presently try to end up the complete hotspot for clients crosswise over the world and past, over each gadget and machine classification that issues.

Editorial Team
Suresh Kumar and Devipriya